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Bridge Program

The BYU French and Italian Department supports the Utah French DLI and Bridge Programs. We are thrilled to have DLI and Bridge students in our French cohorts!

Language Certificate

If you are a Bridge graduate, we recommend you consider the BYU Language Certificate. A BYU Language Certificate is awarded to students who have completed upper-division coursework and achieved a minimum proficiency rating in an eligible language. The student receives an official notation on their BYU transcript as well as official certificates from ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) certifying their language proficiency.

If a student has taken all (3) Bridge courses and received a B- or better, they are exempt from having to take the (3) required upper-division courses for a BYU Language Certificate and may take the proficiency assessments, making them eligible for a Language Certificate in their first semester at BYU, provided they achieve a minimum proficiency rating of at least Advanced Low on either of the two assessments: the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) or Writing Proficiency Test (WPT). Applicants take both the OPI and WPT.

Transfer Credit

Bridge courses may transfer to BYU using the regular application for transfer credit procedures. Each language department will determine whether or not a Bridge course aligns with their curriculum and if they will accept it for credit. The French department has accepts the following equivalencies:

  • Bridge Course 3118 will transfer to BYU as credit for FREN 202.
  • Bridge Course 3116 OR 3117 will transfer to BYU as credit for FREN 456R.

FREN 456R is an upper-division course that counts toward French major/minor requirements.

For further information, please contact the French undergraduate advisor, Dr. Christopher Flood. His advisement email is You can also visit his advisement website here.