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Mentored Research

Faculty Research Interests

What is Mentored Research?
Mentored research is the opportunity for students to gain firsthand experience with exciting research projects. Students and professors work together to lead original projects and make new discoveries. All students are invited to participate in mentored research!

To get started, contact a professor who conducts research in an area that interests you. Learn about their available opportunities and any prerequisites for their projects.

Why Should I Get Involved With Mentored Research?
Mentored research is a unique and impactful opportunity for students within the French and Italian Department. This firsthand experience can help you discover what you would like to do in the future and it looks great on a resume.

Participating students have opportunities to formally publish their findings and present their work at professional conferences.

Humanities Undergraduate Mentoring Grants

As part of the college support for experiential learning, HUM grants offer resources for student-initiated, faculty-mentored research projects outside the classroom. Students can apply to the College of Humanities, with a faculty mentor’s endorsement, for up to $1,200 in scholarship funding to support their work.

HUM Grant-funded experiences should be high-impact learning opportunities in which student and faculty research interests converge. A significant project with substantive mentoring should lead to improvement in core humanities learning outcomes, such as advanced research, writing, and presenting.

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Humanities Mentored Experience Grants (H-MEGs)

H-MEGs support student-centered, faculty-driven research experiences up to $10,000 for year-long and $5,000 for short-term grants. Short-term Spring/Summer grants offer faculty and students opportunities to collaborate on research with a narrower scope and outcomes that can be achieved within a tighter framework. Grant work outcomes should be submitted by the end of summer.

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Corry Cropper

  • 19th Century France

Christopher Flood

  • Comedy and satire within Medieval and Renaissance contexts, and as they relate to the religious and political conflicts of the period in which they were produced

Jennifer Haraguchi

  • Early Modern Italy
  • Counter Reformation
  • Convent theater
  • Women's education, women's writings, women's social and religious history

Bob Hudson

  • Poetry: French Lyric Tradition
  • Valois France in the Italian Wars, 16th Century Lyon & Lorraine
  • Imitation Theory, Petrarchism, Rhetoric & Pléïade Poetics
  • French & Italian Cinema (30s, New Wave, Varda/Demy)

Jim Law

  • Researching the links between language forms and the meanings they express
  • Semantic and pragmatic change in the Romance languages
  • Cognitive linguistic tradition, notably Construction Grammar and Frame Semantics, using quantitative corpus methods

Yvon LeBras

  • Travel literature
  • The French & French Canadian novel
  • English-French translation
  • Interpretation Lexicography

Daryl Lee

  • 19th-century France, with an emphasis on urban representations in literature and media ca. 1848-1900
  • French cinema

Adam McBride

  • French phonetics and phonology
  • Historical linguistics
  • L2 acquisition

Marc Olivier

  • Film and media
  • 18th Century literature
  • Material culture
  • Photography
  • European cinema

Marie Orton

  • Contemporary migration into Italy and Europe
  • Diversity in Italy
  • Literature and cinema of migration
  • Shoah testimonials

Dan Paul

  • Italian Cinema
  • Gender and Masculinities
  • Memory and Trauma
  • Disabilities Studies

Sara Phenix

  • Nineteenth-century novel
  • Fashion
  • Reproductive politics
  • Mass media
  • Feminism

Celine Rose

  • Advanced language pedagogy
  • Speaking proficiency
  • Second language teacher training

Anca Sprenger

  • Modern French literature
  • French literature and the sacred
  • Romanian and French film
  • Food and literature
  • Literature of the fantastic
  • Romanian contemporary society

French Political Pamphlet Fellowship

Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah houses an important collection of political pamphlets printed in France during the period of the Religious Wars (1550) through the reign of Louis XIII (1643). A description of the holdings and an annotated bibliography of the pamphlets can be found online here.

The department of French and Italian at Brigham Young University solicits applications for a fellowship that will support a short-term residency allowing for on-site consultation of the pamphlets. The department will cover airfare, food, lodging and provide a $500 honorarium for a scholar to spend up to two weeks in Provo researching the collection.

Apply here

LeeAnn Broderick and Professors Corry Cropper and Carter Charles

March 01, 2022 09:10 AM
LeeAnn Broderick, a senior majoring in both French and Art History, has been working on a research project about the 1890 French play Camille.
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Rachel McDonald and Dan Paul

March 31, 2022 10:12 PM
Rachel McDonald, an Italian major, has been studying social media posts about the women's national soccer team in Italy through the lens of sexism.
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