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French & Italian Student Jobs

Please note below the requirements, qualifications, and duties for student instructors, writing lab assistants, and research and teaching assistants in the French and Italian Department.

Student Instructor


  • Student instructors are master teachers for lower division French & Italian classes (101, 102, and 201). The classes last 50 minutes and are taught at various hours throughout the day. Stipend: semester contract of 15 hours a week.

Qualifications for French Instructors:

  • A sophomore or older majoring in French (French, French Studies, French Teaching)
  • 3.4 GPA minimum (submit official transcript)
  • Advanced proficiency in French
  • Good faculty recommendations

Qualifications for Italian Instructors:

  • A graduate student or senior majoring in Italian
  • 3.0 overall minimum GPA (submit official transcript or ABC report)
  • Advanced proficiency in Italian
  • Good faculty recommendations

Selection based on:
Review of dossier, teaching demonstration, and interview

Click here for the French SI application.

Writing Lab Assistant


  • Correcting student papers for errors in grammar and style.


  • Native speakers or native fluency required.
  • Advanced knowledge of French or Italian writing and grammar.
  • Take the “Writing Lab” exam in the French and Italian Department office.

Selection based on:

  • Results of “Writing Lab” exam.
  • Knowledge of French or Italian grammar and writing styles

Click here for the Italian Writing Lab Assistant application.

Research and Teaching Assistants


  • Provide additional grading, research, or teaching help to individual professors in the department.


  • Qualifications are set by the professors themselves who hire their assistants.

Selection based on:

  • Individual meetings with professors.

Click here for the Italian Research application.

If you are interested in being a TA, contact a French or Italian professor. Students generally TA for a class which they have already taken.

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