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Master of Arts in Professional Language - French

Starting Fall 2022, the College of Humanities will offer a new Master of Arts in Professional Language (MAPL) to educate students for employment in government, business, and church positions that require a professional level of language proficiency and a graduate degree. French will be one of the first languages in the MAPL. Among the features of the degree will be an integrated BA/MA version in addition to a discrete MA, offering domain-specific language courses in a student's field of study, as well as a one-year immersive experience including direct enrollment in a French-language university and a one-semester internship in Quebec or France. Students will need to demonstrate superior-level proficiency (not the ACTFL scale) in at least one of three competencies by completion of the degree. For information on the French MAPL, please contact one of the professors bellow.

Daryl Lee

Jim Law