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French MAPL - Master of Arts in Professional Language

The College of Humanities offers a Master of Arts in Professional Language (MAPL) in several languages that develops domain-specific fluency at the ACTFL Superior level to prepare students for employment in government, translation, business, and church positions. This integrated program, in which students will earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees concurrently, is open to students in their junior year.

The French MAPL will begin starting Fall 2024. In the first year, the program will hone advanced presentation, debate, and project management skills, and domain-specific knowledge in the language, through language and cultural literacy coursework in the target language (TL). In the second year, the program incorporates an in-country immersive experience through direct university enrollment in a French-language university and a one-semester internship, in either France or Quebec.

Interested students may complete the application with the following elements:

  • Online application
  • ACTFL test scores: OPI (speaking), WPT (writing), ALT (listening), ART (reading) (or equivalent, e.g., CEFR); applicants must demonstrate speaking and writing proficiency at the Advanced-Mid level
  • a personal statement on how the MAPL would serve your professional goals
  • a summary of previous immersion experience
  • a timeline for completing the MAPL in addition to your primary major, minor, or competency in a domain field
  • references: one from highest-level French instructor, one from a faculty member in your domain area
  • Complete an interview with the MAPL Faculty Coordinator and Center for Language Studies (CLS) Assistant Director

Apply Here

For information on the French MAPL, please contact one of the professors below.

Jim Law

Daryl Lee