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Why Study Italian?

What Are You Going to do With an Italian Degree?

A question you’ve probably been asked by well-meaning relatives who don’t see how an Italian degree will translate into a job. Maybe you’ve even wondered about it yourself. Keep reading to see where your Italian studies can take you.

Where Will Your Education Take You?

Study accounting, you’ll become an accountant; engineering an engineer. There are some educational tracks that point directly to a specific career.

Generally speaking, an Italian degree does not. But that’s not a bad thing! Studying Italian opens many doors…

Business Insider

Humanities majors generally are being sought out by major tech and finance companies because they bring different skills and perspectives.

Business are Looking for Your Skills

In their periodic survey of business leaders, the IBM Institute for Business Value discovered that foreign language proficiency is among the top skills businesses are looking for in new employees—in fact, it’s becoming more important every year!

But that’s not all! What other skills on this list are developed better in the humanities than in other disciplines? Ability to communicate effectively, creativity, adaptability…

Business Recruiting

It’s not just talk. Businesses really are looking for you.

Professional School

Thinking of other professions? Medicine? Law? In many cases humanities majors have higher relative acceptance rates to professional school programs than students who studied directly related disciplines.

Transferable Skills

Why is that? Students in Italian and other humanities programs develop a unique set of transferable skills. Here’s a short list.

So, where will your Italian education take you?

Anywhere you want!

Schedule a meeting with the Italian Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Paul, to learn more.

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